You have to start with this point. Like all games, poker has its guidelines. There are several variations of poker so each time make sure you have mastered the rules of the game before you jump into a game.
For this some gaming platforms offer free poker games. Practice playing these cashless games. This will help you avoid big losses when switching to real money games.
The game of poker is based on the calculation of probabilities. Each player hides their cards, but by knowing how to calculate you can guess which cards they have and whether they have the advantage over you or not. As you can see, poker is a game that is based on possible combinations of cards and psychology.
Learn how to quickly calculate the possible combinations of cards your opponents have. Perhaps it was this mathematical aspect of the game that attracted you to poker. Indeed, for many poker enthusiasts, it is a game for sharp minds and strictly rational. Every decision during the game must be justified by a logical analysis of the information available to you.
The movements of the bodies, the grimaces of your competitors, are still called in poker jargon tells. Such because the attitudes of people sitting around a poker table say a lot. In fact, if you are an attentive player, the actions of your opponents are a valuable source of information for you.
So don’t stay with your eyes on your maps. Learn to observe out of the corner of your eye, without attracting attention. Have a circular gaze. Nothing should escape you. A sharp smile, a grimace, a sigh, from your opponent betrays his feelings as he reads his cards.
Ultimately you find that playing poker mobilizes your full attention from the start to the end of the game. Before even starting a poker session, pay attention to which chair you pull up to sit on.
Indeed, your position will be decisive, on the quantity and the quality of the information which you will be able to collect during the game. Opt for a late position and if possible place yourself at the button. The button is the ideal position to occupy on the table.

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